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NVA General Practice is a leading veterinary community of over 1,200 veterinary independently managed hospitals united in the love of animials and the people who love them. Committed to serving the needs of pet owners in the local communities around the world, NVA General Practice is driven by a mission to improve the comfort and well-being of pets through progressive and compassion care. Our network of hospitals creates integrated community of medical expertise and collaboration, enabling continuous growth and learning for our animal care teams. 

Founded by a Veterinarian for Veterinarians By Dr. Stan Creighton, NVA Founder

After 23 years as a practicing veterinarian, I realized that fewer younger veterinarians were interested in owning a practice, the financial demands, and administrative complexity of running a modern-day hospital. In 1997, I started buying clinics from retiring veterinarians who stayed on to spend their time doing what they loved - practicing medicine. Taking on someone’s veterinary clinic was a responsibility my team and I did not take lightly. We strived to build a doctor-centric veterinary community where veterinarians thrive by giving teams the time to focus on pets, their families and advancing medicine in collaboration with other veterinarians, while NVA took on administrative tasks like accounting, taxes, and payroll. And we believed the best medicine is practiced when local veterinarians craft their own medical approach, so when a hospital joined NVA, we kept the culture, people, and the name intact.

Having handed the reins of NVA to my friend, Greg Hartmann, I am retired but still active at NVA sharing our founding vision with veterinarians and our NVA family. I could not be more proud of what we started in 1997 and who NVA is today.


Our hospitals and veterinary teams are our priority

Caring for animals is a tremendous responsibility that we take seriously. The patients and families we serve depend on us, and our hospitals are critical to the communities and neighborhoods they serve.

By supporting our hospitals and teams, we empower them to provide the best medicine for animals in their communities. The ways we care for our people are inclusive of:

Expansive wellness programs including our trademarked Health of Healers Program.

Empowering our veterinarians to direct the best course of medicine for each patient.

A culture of collaboration and support by connecting local medical teams with each other fostering knowledge sharing, support, and professional development.

Check out NVA Pawcast, which feature wellness and self-care practices for veterinary professionals and others at



NVA reaffirms commitment to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion and creating a welcoming culture where colleagues can bring their whole selves to work

National Veterinary Associates (NVA) is proud to announce that it has signed the Pride Veterinary Medical Community (PrideVMC) Gender Identity Bill of Rights, reinforcing our community’s commitment to promoting a welcoming work environment for all team members, new hires and job candidates. At NVA, we celebrate diversity and strongly believe that all LGBTQ+ colleagues across our hospitals and pet resorts deserve to be supported in the workplace as the community delivers progressive, compassionate and exceptional medical care for pets and their families.

“NVA is proud to support our team members who are transgender, nonbinary and gender-nonconforming,” said Chief Executive Officer Greg Hartmann. “Diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives are at the forefront of our culture and critical to NVA’s long-term success. We are pleased to sign the Gender Identity Bill of Rights as the industry unites to support our colleagues and create communities where all are welcome.”

The Gender Identity Bill of Rights establishes fundamental rights for people who are transgender, nonbinary and gender-nonconforming in the veterinary profession. At NVA, our team members have a right to feel safe in their workplace to work free from discrimination and harassment.

“At NVA, we believe that every person has a right to feel welcome and safe at work,” said NVA’s Chief of Human Resources Tami Majer. “As an employer of choice in the veterinary community, signing the Gender Identity Bill of Rights is just one of the ways we are signaling to our teams and potential hires that we want all qualified veterinary professionals to know they have home at NVA.”



We're committed to progressive and compassionate care, narrowing the health gap with wellness plans, veterinary dentistry and fear-free healthcare experiences for patients and their families.

We're committed to the profession, supporting future leaders with mentoring to further their skills and elevate care, helping DVMs overcome student debt and supporting veterinarians’ well-being.

We're committed to our community, supporting those in need through disaster recovery and hosting gatherings to let veterinarians collaborate, connect, unite and share with their peers.

Nashville Veterinary Specialist Animal Emergency


From humble beginnings in a van to a bustling business of 115 employees, hear these practice owners explain how they knew it was time for a partnership, and why NVA Compassion-First was the perfect fit.

A Partner’s Perspective | Shoreline Central Animal Hospital


After selling his practice to NVA in 2012, Dr. John Paulson was committed to his life's passion and continuing to work in the profession he loves. Through a new joint-venture partnership with NVA, Dr. Paulson found a renewed purpose and continued success with a trusted partner.

A Partner’s Perspective | Woodlake Veterinary Hospital


After joining the Woodlake Veterinary Hospital team as an Associate in 2014, Dr. Sarah Godding quickly stepped into the role of Managing Veterinarian to help grow the practice. Through a joint venture partnership with NVA in 2020, Dr. Godding realized her lifelong goal of becoming a practice owner right at the hospital she already knew and loved.

Park Veterinary Centre


Dr. Louis Kwantes is an experienced veterinarian dedicated to his practice in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada. He decided to partner with NVA in 2016 in hopes of being able to better support his staff so that the practice could 'up their game' and put the utmost focus on the health and well-being of the animals, all while continuing the culture he had spent years building.

St. Francis Of Assisi Veterinary Medical Center


Dr. Daniel Holub and Dr. Robert Bauml wanted to cash in on their sweat equity with a partner that respected the way they practiced medicine. With NVA, the clinic’s business has almost doubled.

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Medical Director at Teaching Hospital in Manhattan
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Ocala, Florida
Tallahassee, Florida
Veterinarian | Greater Annapolis Veterinary Hospital | Annapolis, MD
Annapolis, Maryland
Round Rock, Texas
Spring, Texas
Veterinarian - General Practice
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Port Orange, Florida
Veterinarian - General Practice with Surgical Focus
Fayetteville, North Carolina
Ossian, Indiana
Veterinarian | Fear Free Practice
Indianapolis, Indiana
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