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NYSVMS Mentoring Program
NYSVMS has launched a mentorship program for NYSVMS members who have graduated from veterinary school 5 years or less. The purpose of this program is to help new graduates assimilate to their professional lives. This program is designed to be an informal mentoring process where the mentor provides coaching, listening, advice, sounding board reactions, or other help in an unstructured casual manner.

Action Steps for the Mentoring Process
  • Get acquainted, by meeting outside of the work environment. Build trust by openly sharing and discussing ideas. Discuss past experience, goals, plans, skills, and career path.
  • Discuss roles and responsibilities. Collaborate to choose the style of mentoring relationship that best fits your situation. Agree on the style of communication and the frequency of communication. NYSVMS recommends that you meet at least once a month for a 1-year period.
  • Develop mutual expectations and boundaries. Discuss accountability of both parties at the beginning of the relationship. Discuss confidentiality.
  • Discuss ethics, including conflict of interest, and agreed-upon ethical boundaries.
  • Establish, clarify, and write down goals to achieve the vision. Allow the mentee to express areas of greatest need. Discuss the mentee's concerns and fears when establishing goals.
  • Create a timeframe for the relationship that is beneficial to both parties. Clarify a mutually agreeable endpoint or time for renewal of the relationship.

Mutual Responsibilities of Mentee and Mentor
  • Both mentor and mentee must sign the confidentiality agreement. All discussions and communications are to remain confidential. Neither party is to discuss any details within their own practices, or outside of the relationship.
  • Maintain respect and the highest standards of professional conduct at all times, especially if topics are of sensitive nature. Conflict of interest must be disclosed.
  • Make a commitment of time and energy.
  • Strive to be open to new ideas and feedback.
  • Reschedule any meeting time that is cancelled.
  • If you have any questions regarding the eMentor program, please contact Stephanie Quirini at


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